Aug 28, 2015

A Moose is Loose!

Each year we construct a giant sculpture inside the Art Room, 
every student makes a small piece of its exterior.

This year, we're creating a MOOSE ... a very RESPECTFUL and EMPATHIC animal.

The moose is the largest member of the deer family and the tallest mammal in North AmericaThe moose has very poor eyesight but good hearing (A GREAT LISTENER) and an excellent sense of smell (CAN TELL IF SOMETHING'S WRONG). The moose is usually a very peaceful animal. 

Jul 16, 2015

What is Digital Art?


Toy Theater includes building with colored blocks, doodling, designing, animation, and a glimpse into processes like Matisse's painting, and Japanese wood block prints. You need to take a screen grab to save work.

Crayola online offers stampers, paint, markers, crayons, and your masterpieces can be saved or printed.

Jun 23, 2015

"pay tribute to"

Definition: to salute someone or something; to give public recognition 
to someone or something.

The artists at Purchase school would like to pay tribute to our Principal, Mr. Kalman. Sometimes Goodbyes and Thank Yous are best expressed through the Arts.

Play: Fight Song

Play: Human