Feb 2, 2016

After studying Greek mythology, 4th graders applied their art & design skills to create ads that make an interesting point: Even today, ancient Greek mythology can inspire contemporary culture.

In this project, we made a product or a symbol that represented one of the gods or goddesses. We learned that some of the products already made are based on gods and goddesses, so we thought we could do our own and be creative. My friends, Gianna and Alessandra, made their own company called Persephone's Seeds, because she was the Greek goddess of Spring. 
                                                                                                                              - Katie M., 4A





Class reference books

Jan 15, 2016

By Maya B., 1B

 "Drawing bodies is a good thing to learn in Art. Drawing bodies helped me understand art better. First you draw a circle, then you draw two little half circles for the ears. Then you make two oval eyes, and draw hair. Then you make a big half circle for the mouth, and the nose can look like whatever you want. Then you put a rectangle for the body (or a triangle) and make two skinny rectangles for your arms. Then you make two skinny rectangles for your legs. Then you add two ovals for your shoes, and you draw whatever kind of hands you want. If you make stick figures, it doesn’t look real because it looks like lines. But if you follow these steps, you will get something that looks more real because it is made of shapes. 
It is fun to draw bodies."

By Jack L., 1L

"First, I had no idea how to draw a person and I would just draw stick figures. Then, I started with actual square bodies. And then I went on to circle bodies, and then I went to the hardest step where you use lots of shapes. Now, I can draw really well. I can add details on the clothing using a triangle and a line down the middle for a shirt with buttons. I like how my teacher inspires me, and I can make pictures on my own." 

Jan 1, 2016

                                                        - Neil Gaiman